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The following articles and excerpts are from our conference materials, marriage and relationship resources, and email newsletters.  If you are having a difficult time finding what you are looking for, be sure to utilize the search bar on our site to find the answers to your marriage questions. We trust you will be edified by our Christian marriage counseling articles.


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 For years, our clients and customers have requested that we supply an immediate download of our Christian marriage counseling material on marriage and relationships. This is now available to any country in the world and at any time. This is in the form of an MP3 download as well as a pdf version of our Christian anger management book called Angry Without a Cause.


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Below, we have listed some of the most powerful articles on marriage and relationships that we have written over the years.  Some of the articles are actually excerpts from our books on marriage, anger, and relationships.  Be sure to sign up for our free email newsletter to find out about our soon to be released book on marriage. We are hoping to begin preorder in January of 2014.


Christian Marriage Counseling Articles and Excerpts

Advice for Husbands

Advice for Women

Church and Marriage

Communication in Marriage


Family Matters


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Personal Growth

Pre Marriage / Premarital Advice

Recovering After an Affair

Sex / Physical Intimacy

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