How the Past Can Haunt Your Marriage


Our new marriage book presents a Biblical yet a refreshing approach to strengthening your marriage. I say refreshing because I have found that going back into the past and trying to find resolution on every issue that has ever plagued your marriage is almost always a recipe for disaster.

Our approach involves rising out of the mud pit of hurt and resentment and following a Biblical, yet simplified method to solving marriage issues. In fact, I have found that couples that make it are the ones that are able to look forward instead of back. They are the ones that are able to say “What can I do to help my marriage” rather than “Look what you’ve done to wreck our marriage.

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Not Minimizing Your Hurt


Of course, I would never want to come across as if I am minimizing a person’s hurt. I also believe that there are definite times when the past must be considered.

However, I have found that healing in the past often comes to those that are willing to love and apply good Biblical principles in the present.


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