Coaching Versus Therapy


Life and Relationship Coaching Versus Therapy


Though Dr. Force holds an earned doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Andersonville Seminary in Camilla, GA, he offers life, relationship, and marriage coaching via this particular site.

Our coaching does not fall underneath the category of state licensed therapy or counseling. Dr. Force does not use psychological techniques, nor does he practice psychotherapy. He is not trained, licensed or qualified to diagnose disorders, nor does he prescribe treatment for the same.

Coaching is forward-focused and solution based, and, in our case, it is from a Christian-based perspective.

Life coaching involves working with clients to show them what they already know to be true.  It helps them to see through the emotional fog and take the proactive steps to create the atmosphere where change has a much better chance of happening in their lives.

Dr. Force works with a great amount of working professionals that are already successful in their lives.  His coaching helps them to build upon that success so that they are able to prosper in a more tangible way.

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