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Looking for Christian Phone Counseling or Coaching?


We currently offer Christian marriage and relationship coaching to couples in need. If you are looking for Christian phone counseling, you may want to consider our services as a reliable alternative to traditional marriage and couples counseling. Our number is 1-888-642-3036.

Our telephone coaching features our 2-Step process to fighting for your marriage or relationship without fighting with one another.  Watch our video below to learn more about our 2-Step process.


Live, 24-Hour Marriage Help


At Hitting Home, we strive to stay accessible to couples in need.  If you are in need of 24 hour help, feel free to call us at 1-888-642-3036. Be sure to also consider our mp3 version of our marriage material which is available for an immediate download.


Christian Phone Counseling

Call 1-888-642-3036 – 24/7


Truly Christian-based Help


We do not use the description of Christian lightly.  Our marriage and relationship coaching, whether online or over the phone, is from a Biblical basis.


Help for Pastors and Ministers


Dr. Force has served as a pastor or assistant pastor in churches in PA, IL, FL, and OK. Also, having spoken in hundreds of churches, he is well acquainted with the struggles of the average pastor or church staff member. Therefore, he understands that when a pastor’s marriage is at stake, his job is also at stake. This puts an unusual strain on a marriage that others rarely experience or understand.

Dr. Force takes great delight in assisting pastors and and their families with confidential coaching.


Offering Both Marital and Premarital Help


We have found that our 2-step process to fighting for your relationship is just as applicable to couples in a premarital situation. Though there are some differences in how we coach couples in a pre marriage setting, many of the same rules still apply.


Advantages of Online or Telephone Coaching Services


If receiving Christian phone counseling or coaching seems a little impersonal, then maybe you should look for a counselor or a coach that is in your local area. However, here are a few possible advantages of receiving help via the telephone or through online services:

Convenience: If you have a busy schedule, you may find that receiving help via Skype of the phone is easier to access.

Anonymity: Having worked with a number of executives, ceos, pastors, and business leaders, Dr. Force has found that people serving in such positions appreciate the confidentiality that phone counseling or coaching provides.

Learning Style: Some people are audible learners. Therefore, Christian phone counseling or coaching may be a good fit for them.


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What to Expect

Coaching Versus Therapy

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

Over the Phone
Call Us at 1-888-642-3036
Talk Now - Live 24/7 Help

Marriage and Relationship Coaching

Over the Phone
Call Us at 1-888-642-3036
Talk Now - Live 24/7 Help