What to Expect


Here Is What You Can Expect From Our Life And Relationship Coaching Services:


1.  Coaching sessions last about 45 to 55 minutes in length.  Anything over an hour is typically what Dr. Force calls “information overload”.

2.  We work with clients all over the globe, therefore, we do morning afternoon, and evening sessions.  As long as we have availabilities in our schedule, we will work around your schedule as much as is possible.

3.  Clients prepay for their sessions.  If you are not able to make a session, we will never issue a refund, but we will be happy to reschedule the session as we work with busy people that are very industrious in their personal lives.

4.  We do not do what Dr. Force calls boxed counseling.  Boxed counseling is when you take everything negative out of the box and you stare at it long enough until you are more frustrated when you end the session than when you initially began.

5.  If you live internationally, we are able to Skype, however, we do not video Skype as Dr. Force is not going to get dressed up at three in the morning for his international clients.

6.    Although Dr. Force relates Biblical truths about life and relationships, we work with clients from all different backgrounds and faiths.  Therefore, if you are married to someone that may feel intimidated or uneasy about our Christian perspective, rest assured in that Dr. Force understands how to deal with such cases.


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