Why I’m So Fired Up

I did some math the other day, and I realized that in 25 years I will be 70 years of age. That said, I guess it’s time to just go all out and attack the radical problems of our day with radical solutions.

Marriage is the axle to which every spoke in our society is connected. If it fails to turn properly, the rest of the wheel will cease to turn. (Malachi 2:13-15)


Evangelism or Discipleship


I never realized how much marriage affects evangelism and discipleship until the last few years. In fact, a few years ago, I thought I may have been forsaking my calling of preaching the gospel by dealing with marriage as we do. However, in recent times, I have seen that marriage may be the ultimate battleground in that if it fails, pain and misery will be so rampant in a society that few will be able to climb the mountain of pain in order to see God’s grace and His goodness.

Pray for us as we continue to exalt the fact that our marriages, families, children, work places, and nation are struggling as our spirituality struggles. Truly, we are not a society that has marriage problems as much as we have spiritual problems because the Holy Spirit will always get along with Himself. (I John 1:7)

Remember, no technique, method, or principle can out perform the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and especially our marriages.

– Dr. Force

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