An Absurd Wedding Ceremony


Imagine attending a wedding in which the groom and the bride exchanged wedding vows like this:


“I will love, honor, and cherish you when I feel like it.”


Could you imagine the confused looks on the faces of the attendees? They would be whispering to one another, “You had better keep your receipts as this one is never going to last!”.

Though the illustration seems rather ridiculous, I believe it is an outright reality in probably 90 percent of marriages today. In my estimation, it is the primary reason as to why our divorce rate is at such an amazingly high rate.

Whether we realized it or not, we signed up to have a principled-driven relationship with our spouse. When we covenanted together, we agreed to say yes to Biblical principles and no to fleshly desires and feelings.

Tucked away in the traditional marriage vows is that little phrase, “for better or for worse.”. In essence, this means regardless of how you are feeling or what you deem to be getting out of the relationship, you agreed to love the other person in an unconditional manner. This is a crucial point in knowing how to keep your marriage vows.


Obedience to God


Which marriage vows are you living out? The vows mentioned in the almost comical illustration or the traditional wedding vows? If you feel angry, apathetic, cold, rude, or even hostile and you act accordingly, then I believe the answer is obvious. It may be time to recognize that obedience to your marriage vows is obedience to God, and obedience to God is always the best and the only option worth choosing.

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One comment on “An Absurd Wedding Ceremony
  1. Sabrina says:

    I absolutely love this message! Marriage, and life all together, is simple if we simply are obedient to God and learn and follow the Gospel. That’s it – that’s the secret to life! Yet too many of us think it’s easier, better, cooler or more comfortable to live in the flesh. God didn’t say obedience would be easy – He said it will be worth it!

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