What is Forgiveness?


What is forgiveness? Here’s a few thoughts on forgiveness that have been going through my mind as of late. I trust it helps to shed a little more light on the subject from a Biblical perspective.


Forgiveness Is


Quite simply, forgiveness is:


An ongoing process rather than an event

An action instead of a thought

Measured by behavior rather than sentiment

Divine rather than earthly

Something that must be received from above before it can be given out to others

Measured by how kind you are rather than the harm you chose not to do to a person


Beneficial to all

The glue that holds marriages, families, and churches together

The bridge to God and to one another

The cure for anger

The remedy for hurt

The sinner’s lifeline

Hard when you look at the severity of the crime

Easy when you think of the grace God offers to us

Not looking the other way, but to the cross

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2 comments on “What is Forgiveness?
  1. Anonymous says:

    Pray, kneel and ask God, then be patient and God will do his work. It might seen an eternity but all will be in Gods time.
    My marriage has being restore not only ones but twice. God is always working in our favor.

  2. S.C. says:

    Hello, I am reading your book and I must say that it is a very good read so far and is very encouraging. I am grateful for finding this sight but how can I use the 2 step process to save my marriage when my covenant spouse has left and moved in with his parents and says that he has prayed about his decision and that he’s just not happy and has no interest in me or our marriage whatsoever? He doesn’t even interact with our children! Those words sting as I write but I refuse to be defeated by the enemy because I know that my husband (who’s a minister) has allowed Satan to blind him. He said that he doesn’t feel like he’s out of God’s will because he’s not cheating on me or anything and that the only problem is that he’s not here. I know I can win him without words on my knees because that what the Word of God says that I can do, but doesn’t he have to be here and at least communicate with me for that to happen? Pray with me for his deliverance and for a MIRACLE to take place in my marriage, because humanly speaking this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible to him that believe and I BELIEVE…just wounded from this battle

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