Love is Not Finding the Right Person


If you are having marriage issues, I have found it to be vital to, first of all, understand what love truly is and what it is not. If you have confined love to romantic feelings or feeling giddy about one another, you will find that your relationship will be on a perpetual roller coaster ride.


Love is Not Finding the Right Person


I once heard someone say, “Love is not finding the right person, but it is becoming the right person.”

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Herein lies the reason why so many couples are having marriage issues today. Though they have fallen in love with the chase, their romantic feelings, and what they want out of the relationship, typically they are more in love with what the other person does for them than anything else. I often say that when many couples say, “I love you.”, what they really mean is, “I love what you do for me.”. Consequently, when the marriage seems to stop yielding what they want out of the relationship, their romantic feelings turn angry and resentful.


The True Measure of Love


Are you having marital issues? Do you love your spouse? If so, how do you measure that love? Is it by the amount of feelings that you once had for them, or is it by your willingness to make the proper changes in your life so that you can truly meet their needs in a sacrificial manner? I would say that the latter is definitely a better option.

Some people feel that in order to become “Mr. or Mrs. Right” for their spouse, they must work on their waist-line, looks, or their ability to provide financial benefits to their spouse. Though it is okay to look your best and make a decent living, character and the ability to truly love are the two ingredients that make a marriage really work.

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