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Christian-based, yet Simple Marriage Advice


Couples having marriage issues are often overwhelmed by the amount of advice available to them from counselors, therapists, books on marriage, and well meaning friends and family members. At times, it is more than they can handle. At Hitting Home, we have endeavored to put together simple marriage advice that works as long as willing hearts are present. Our 2-step process conveys our simple, yet Biblical philosophy on solving marriage problems. Below we will give the reasoning behind our simplified, yet Christian-based marriage advice.


Why Do We Teach a 2-Step Process


I liken marriage issues to a Christmas tree that is leaning in the wrong direction. If it is my job to straighten the tree, I have two ways that I can go about accomplishing that task.

The first way would be tedious and, at best, frustrating. This way would involve handling the individual branches of the tree and trying to bend them in a new direction. The other way would be the preferred option in that I could take the time to straighten the trunk or the base of the tree. The idea is that if I would first straighten the base of the tree, the rest of the branches will start pointing in the right direction.

simple marriage advice

Unfortunately, I believe that some of our modern day marriage counseling advice falls underneath the first method, and I have found that it is an ineffective way of dealing with marital issues. The better option is usually to focus on encouraging couples to fix a few foundational issues that are causing the rest of the issues in their marriage. If not, even counseling and seeking outside can become an extremely laborious task, and it can become a deterrent to spouses looking for simple marriage advice.


Not a Magic Bullet


Man has a propensity to want a magic bullet to solve life’s problems. He wants something that he can quickly do or apply that will eradicate his issues apart from total obedience to God. Let me say that I do not believe that any such thing exists. In fact, the 2 steps that we promote are not really steps as much as they are an encouragement for an entire paradigm shift in your life. It is not a formula, as much as it is a set of exhortations to wholly submit your actions and your thoughts to the Lordship of Christ via His precepts as they are related in His Word.

For years, I shied away from the use of the words steps and formulas. Nevertheless, I still use them. But, I must say that our 2-step process is not a formula as much as it is a repackaging of Biblical principles. It is simply a different sense (Nehemiah 8:8) of the same Word that you may or may not have already heard. We could also call it the same meal served on a different platter.

All in all, I trust that you will see and adhere to God’s commands concerning marriage as a result of what you receive from Hitting Home. I trust that you are able to receive our simple marriage advice in a way that helps you to overcome the marital strife that has plagued your relationship up to this point.

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2 comments on “Simple Marriage Advice, Christian, 2-Step Process
  1. felicia says:

    my question how do you put a marriage back together when jealousy and security played a part in the marriage separation. my fears caused my husband to get very frustrated and he eventually moved out of our home. we are now in the process of trying to rebuild and start over together.

    • The formula for rebuilding trust is always the same, change over time. But, it is vital to learn the right changes to make and how to make them.

      This is the beauty behind our 2-step process. Over the years, we have refined our 2-step process down to what we find works with couples in need that are attempting to rebuild trust in their relationship.

      Check out our book on marriage at Honestly, if you will both do what our 2-step process suggests over a long period of time, your marriage will be in a better place at a future time.


      Dr. Force

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