Self Worth or Christ Worth – Which Should it Be?


Self-Worth or Christ Worth


Though I use the word self-worth all the time, I am not so sure that we need more self-worth as much as we need Christ-worth.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 9 of our anger book, Angry Without a Cause, dealing with the need for Christ-worth instead of self-worth.

christ worth self worth

Your Intrinsic Value


People tend to believe they are as low and insignificant as they feel when others are angry at them. In fact, only a few resolute individuals with an abnormal amount of resolve are able to endure a gauntlet of ridicule and scorn without being negatively affected. I have written this next section for those with a view of themselves formed in light of the way others have woefully treated them.

When you go shopping, how do you determine the value of a particular item?Obviously, you do this by looking at the price tag. Likewise, every reader must understand that, figuratively speaking, there is a price tag attached to their soul, and
written on that tag are the words, “The life of the Son of God.” John 3:16, the most popular verse of the Bible, bears this out. With a receptive heart, read the following verse:


“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


You’re a Piece of Gold


If I was to take a piece of gold and throw it into a mud puddle, would you still want it if I offered it to you? What if I took the same nugget and smashed it against a wall? Would you still be interested in it? Of course, the answer is yes. The reason is very simple, yet entirely applicable to the subject at hand.

Whether I throw a piece of gold into mud or smash it against a brick wall, it still maintains its intrinsic value. In the same way, no matter how poorly you have been treated by others, in God’s sight, you still have intrinsic value. You can assess that value by looking at the price that God paid to redeem you when Christ died on the cross.


I Have a Confession to Make


Before I delve any deeper into this section, I have a confession to make. I am not a very secure person, at least, not in and of myself. If the truth be told, not too many people are. Naturally, most struggle with feelings of fear, inferiority, and inadequacy.

To compensate for this inner dilemma, most people trust in something to help them deal with their feelings of inadequacy. Sports, money, looks, automobiles, houses, peers, jobs, and male-female relationships are among the top sellers. However, some are also using their children, grandchildren, or even their prominence in religious circles to improve their own sense of worthiness.

I’m so glad that my value does not rely upon any of the things mentioned above. My significance does not rest in my looks, my waistline (it’s a good thing), nor my accomplishments in life. I am not a somebody because I have done the same as, or more than, another body. I am only valuable because God has deemed me so!


A Less than Accurate View


Romans 12:3 tells us that we are not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. To violate this principle would be to involve ourselves in what the Bible refers to as pride. On the other hand, I believe that it is also an insult to God’s creativity for one to possess a less than accurate view of themselves based upon the angry looks and spiteful words of their spouse, parents, siblings, or peers. A person in this position should take some time to realize that their value must not be determined by the actions and attitudes of others, but by the Manufacturer and the Purchaser of their soul.

Supplies must have been low—there is only one of you to go around—and demand must have been high—look at the expensive payment that God made for you—the day Christ died for you. This Divine act of love caused your value to literally shoot through the roof. Now it is time for you to buy in on the deal and come to grips
with the real value of your soul.

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