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The Beliefs of the Church on Marriage


It is a blessing to see that many of the books on marriage and marriage conferences of our day are church sponsored. This is a great testimony to the world that the church has legitimate answers on the most important institution of all, marriage. The teachings, however, of the church on marriage are not simply displayed by our sermons and lectures, but by the lives of Christian that profess to follow Christ.

church on marriage

The Church’s Job


The church’s responsibility is not merely to see lost people come to Christ. It is also to reproduce in others what God has already done in them  (Matthew 28:19-20).

That said, it should be understood that when we invite people to church or to be a part of the family of God, we are asking them to come and be like us.  Even if that is not our intent, it is still inferred. Hence, it is vital for believers to ask themselves a few heart searching questions as they endeavor to reach people for Christ:


Question #1


Do we have a right to ask people to come an be like us if our homes are not moving toward a Biblical standard?


Question #2


Do we have something worth reproducing in the lives of others if we are not, at the very least, desiring God’s best for our homes.


The Church is to Uphold God’s Truth


I Timothy 3:15 tells us that the church is “the pillar and the ground of the truth”. A pillar serves the purpose of holding up a structure. Without pillars, many buildings would fall down flat.

According to I Timothy 3, the church is God’s pillar to hold up the truth concerning His Word and His ways. Hence, if His church fails to bring His ways to light, what other people group will bear His torch?

Concerning the home, it is the church’s responsibility to exalt God’s truth about  marriage, parenting, and issues pertaining to the family. If the church fails to shine this light, outside of conscience and the scriptures, no other source exists. If there is a weakness in the teachings of the church on marriage, who else will display strength in this area?

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