Withdrawals and Deposits


If as a husband you feel like you are always dealing with an upset wife, you may need to consider your role in the matter. This is one of my favorite little illustrations to use for husband learning to help their constantly upset wife.


Withdrawals and Deposits


A woman is like a bank account in that a man can only withdraw what is first being deposited through unconditional love and kindness.

If any of us withdraw more than we deposit at a real banking institution, we will soon receive a statement from the bank telling us of our error. The same is true in marriage, yet I have found that the banks are usually a lot nicer in the way that they give their statements than many women are.

upset wife

When a man sees that his wife is delivering negative statements, he has three similar choices to that of the gardener. He can either change banks (this is not scriptural), argue with the statements and deny their veracity, or he can start making the appropriate deposits.

A man will find it a far better option to start making reasonable deposits by loving and serving his upset wife. Other approaches have been tried, but all have failed.

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  1. Sherieeka says:

    This is so important to address in the Christian community! I appreciate this knowledge and will use it excessively!

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