Why Divorce Is So Painful


Why is divorce painful and so demanding on the human body and mind? Why is it so emotionally and physically costly? Why is it that of all the things that a person can experience, divorce is one of the most exhausting processes that a person can go through? Here are a few reasons:


A Painful Death


First, when two people are married, two souls unite into one. That’s no surprise, by the way. The scriptures tell us that when two individuals are married, those same people become “one flesh”. Unfortunately, if divorce occurs, a death takes place in the deepest part of a person’s soul, and, sad to say, it is always a slow and painful death. In fact, one of the reasons why divorce is painful is because both husband and wife are living witnesses to their own funeral. If there was an obituary to a divorce, they would both be listed as the deceased and survivors at the same time.


A Slow Process


Secondly, if that was not bad enough, they also have to deal with the horrible stench of the corpse of their marriage for months and, sometimes, years to come. I know it’s not pretty, but if anyone can paint the horrific picture of divorce, it is someone like me who deals with the stench of divorce on a day to day basis.

Even the sickest of individuals can fight death off. It’s no secret that funeral parlors experience a jump in business after Christmas. Coincidence? Not at all. People have an ability (whether conscious or subconscious) to fight off the inevitable. Maybe with a little more effort, work, and understanding, you could do the same.


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2 comments on “Why Divorce Is So Painful
  1. Anonymous says:

    While I appreciate your trying to help marriages, I find that many things you say are what I call borderine dangerous. Abusive individuals use open statements like these to make their victims stay out of guilt to “work harder at thr marriage”. I have never seen any writings of yours on abuse. When you write, please ask the Lord’s guidance on wording things with this reality in mind. The rational individual will understand and the abusive one will not be able to twist your meaning:or atleast have a harder time. This is not the only article you have written that has caused me to worry about this very real issue. Marriage is extremely important to God but we cannot make it a god where wicked and perpetual sin is diregarded bc divorce is a sin and a marriage must stay together at all costs. Please tread carefully.

  2. Laverne Bullock says:

    I don’t have the strength any more. I have been the fighting to try and save my marriage by myself. He refused counseling and any help form close friends. I have brought books for us still nothing. It takes 2 people to do this and he is just not willing. I remember the day he checked out emotionally and he has not been back since. So what am I to do. I have been emotionally abandoned by him and neglected for 16 years and I cannot do this anymore.

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