New Year, New Approach to Marriage


Ecclesiastes 10:10 tells us that sharpening an ax is a much better way to improve the cutting process than simply swinging a little harder.

In the same way, many of you have worked ever so hard in the last year on your marriage only to come up a little shorter than a year ago. That said, it may be time to realize that the answer is to exert a little less effort and embrace a little more wisdom.

new approach to marriage

Our approach to solving marriage problems involves changing your motivation, your relationship with God, and the way you approach your spouse. In fact, rather than trying over and over again to reach their mind, we encourage spouses to recognize that the way to reach someone’s mind is to first open their spirit. To be honest, I find this to be the missing link for most couples having issues, and, after making a few subtle changes, many find that their spouse is not all that stubborn after all.

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