Marriage Problems with Children


Marriage Problems with Children


Couples argue about three things the most: money, sex, and children. Though there are other pressures in marriage, it should be said that it can be doubly difficult to fix your marriage problems as well as parenting problems at the same time. Here is a little Christian-based help for those dealing with marriage problems with children.

marriage problems with children

It’s Possible


First off, you need to hear that it is possible to repair your marriage and your parenting issues. And, I would like to point out that the solutions are often rather simple solutions as long as both the husband and the wife have a humble attitude. If one or the other is proud in spirit, it often presents a mighty tall wall to climb for me as a marriage counselor and a life coach.

Though humility feels weak, it is actually the strongest foundation upon which God can build. This is why the scriptures say that “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” (James 4:6)


Stumbling in the Darkness


Life is sometimes like walking in an unfamiliar house with all the lights out. That is, there are times when you know you are tripping up over things, but you are not quite sure what is causing the issues at hand.

In relation to fixing marriage problems with children, many couples know that there is something causing their issues, but they often need a little guidance to see what to change first. This is what I specialize in doing with many couples and parents dealing with strife and disunity in the home.


Where to Start


Sometimes, fixing marriage problems with children requires a little prioritization. In other words, just like an EMT has to fix the most life-threatening problems first, a marriage and parenting counselor must do the same. There are times when the parenting situation has to come first, and, at other times, the greater need is to fix the marriage first. Every situation must be considered case by case.


The Solutions are Often Very Simple


I take great delight as a marriage and parenting coach in simplifying the solutions to what seem to be rather complex issues. I also love presenting a plan to couples
that typically involves overlooking minor issues while they deal with root problems such as selfishness, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness. In fact, if this does not occur, couples will typically feel overwhelmed.

If you are married with children and trying to overcome your issues in the home, you may want to check out our very simplified approach to marriage counseling. Our philosophy is explained on our video called The Top Mistake Couples Make in a Fight.

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One comment on “Marriage Problems with Children
  1. Anon says:

    Great post again! With staying for the kids, I find this to be what makes me question staying the most. We are complete opposites in parenting,and I do worry about their future. As an unbeliever, he thinks any biblical parenting I’ve tried to do is brainwashing. 🙁

    All I can do is pray..

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