Husband Acts Like a Child, Childish Emotions, Feelings


Feeling like Your Husband Acts Like a Child?


Do you feel as if your wife or your husband acts like a child? Dr. Force is a firm believer that a vast amount of people become emotionally stuck around the age of eleven or twelve. The answer to this ever growing problem is a Biblical one.

I often tell people that as a pastoral care counselor and a life coach, I am picking up where Dad and Mom left off. That is, the number one thing that I do as a pastor, life coach, and a marriage speaker is move people out of a feelings dominated life and into a principled driven life. In essence, I am teaching them what they failed to learn as a child.husband acts like a child


Adults are Led by Principles Not Feelings


Children are motivated by feelings. That is their primary rule of law. That being said, a person has never really entered adulthood if they have not learned to follow Biblical principles in spite of where there feelings are leading them.

Unfortunatley, a good number of our married couples are little people in big people’s bodies. Though they have secured a descent education and established a nice career, they stopped growing emotionally a long time ago. When they feel angry, they act angry. If they feel like pouting, negative behavior ensues. This is nothing less than childish behavior, and, sad to say, it is what keeps me busy as a pastor and marriage coach. Furthermore, it is the primary reason as to why so many spouses feel their wife or husband acts like a child.

I have found that until a someone learns to say yes to Biblical principles and no to their childish emotions, they will never learn how to properly deal with their marital issues. They will be up one day and down the next, and they will take their marriage on a perpetual roller coaster ride.

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One comment on “Husband Acts Like a Child, Childish Emotions, Feelings
  1. Robert says:

    I’ve noticed childlike behavior in myself and in my wife which is causing communication troubles

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