Couch Time for Couples


Do you and your spouse have time together every day or at least 5-6 days a week? For my wife and I, that time is between 9-11 pm. We are not always talking, but we are at least together reading, vegging, watching something wholesome, or sometimes just sleeping.

If you do not have a time as such, you will slowly grow apart.

Most will agree with me in principle, but practice may be a little more difficult. This is because in order to have this time together, as a man and spiritual leader, I have had to:


1. Say no to amazing ministry and business opportunities.

2. Be a hero at home instead of trying to please everyone in the community.

3. Make less money.

4. Stay out of debt so that I can make less money.

5. Value my family’s fellowship more than hanging out with the guys. (which I have very little desire to do anyway)

6. Be organized in my business and ministry so that my efforts produce the most maximum results in the smallest amount of time.

7. Recognize that my family is my hobby.


My marriage is not a ball and chain nor a speed bump in my life as I try to achieve a greater prize. My family and my God are the prize.

Keep in mind that Adam had a God and a wife and this alone was paradise to him. Matthew Henry said that he that is not content with these would not have been content in God’s paradise.

– Dr. Force

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