Marriage Evangelism – A Copy for You and a Friend in Need


Marriage Evangelism


I have been told that 3 out of 4 couples that visit church for the first time make that decision because they are having problems in their marriage. That said, this is one of the reasons why I say that all of our counseling and coaching on marriage falls underneath two categories: evangelism or discipleship.

At Hitting Home, we have designed our marriage material with the intent of bringing people closer to Christ. This is why in chapter one and two of our marriage book we give a plea for couples to consider their relationship with God before trying solve their issues with one another. This is because the best way for couples to find their way back to one another is to find their way back to God.

marriage evangelism

If you would like to obtain a copy of our marriage book with the intent of giving another to a friend in need, we would like to make that a little easier by reducing the cost.

Check out our new bundle that provides two marriage books at a discounted rate.

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Check out our Marriage Book

- Learn about our proven, 2-step process
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