Sarcastic Husband, Wife


Are you Married to a Sarcastic Husband or Wife?


Married to a sarcastic husband or wife? Dr. Force believes that sarcasm has rarely served a useful purpose in the average home.

Here are a few more rules for talking with your spouse that should help you in your quest to talk in a safer manner with one another.


Sarcasm – Just a Subtle Way of Showing Your Anger


Sarcasm it simply a subtle way to vent our frustrations and our anger. Though it is probably okay to use sarcasm toward politicians, it is off limits in a family scenario.

We have a rule in our house that has helped us to stay on track over the years: if someone in our home is not having fun, then nobody should be having fun.

sarcastic husband

Keep in mind that a home is to be a safe atmosphere where all involved should be able to come out of their tough exterior and feel safe to express themselves in a godly manner.

Unfortunately, in many homes, a sarcastic husband or wife causes many of the family members to be in a state of emotional survival rather than safety. Honestly, no matter how Christian these homes purport to be, it is utter ungodliness (I John 4:8).

Sarcasm may be a normal part of your conversation in the home, but that does not necessarily mean that it is beneficial. From experience, I have seen that a sarcastic husband or wife will end up deploring the results of their sarcasm without realizing that they are the cause of the issues at hand.


Do Not Bully Through Questions


Some spouses ask questions during a discussion, but they are not happy with the answers. When this occurs, they continue by asking the same question over and over again. In my view, this is not healthy communication as a real question is not being asked. The interrogator is actually bullying through questioning.

If you are going to ask a real question, then I would encourage you to accept the answer even if it fails to meet your expectations. If the other is lying to you, time will tell as that which is hidden has a way of being revealed in due time (Luke 12:2).

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