Scheduling Sex – Marriage Tip


Scheduling Sex


Believe it or not but I highly recommend that couples get into the habit of scheduling sex. Here are a few reasons:


It Eliminates Needless Arguments


Men and women tend to have a question mark in the back of their heads as they go through the day. The question is, “Is this a go day or a no day?”. If both come to the end of the day with a different answer, arguments tend to ensue.

scheduling sex

Couples Can Prepare their Minds


On a day when sex has been scheduled, husbands and wives can prepare their hearts and minds.

When sex is not on the schedule, a husband can pace himself by not allowing his expectations to get too high. On a day when intimacy is planned, a woman can pace her physical exertion as tiredness tends to take a lot of women out of the game when it comes to sex.

Of course, in the above mentioned scenario, I am assuming that the male has the higher libido, but it must be stated that there are marriages that break the norm. That is, there are marriages where the woman is more of the aggressor when it comes to intimacy. It is not necessarily the norm, however, it does exist more than we realize.


Couples Can Plan Around their Schedule


If couples know that sex is on the schedule, they can build around it by planning date nights, arranging for baby sitters, or keeping certain items off of their schedule.


May Not be for Everyone


Though this is just a recommendation, I have found that this little tip has saved many a couple from needless arguments. However, it must be understood that it is simply a marriage tip. And, not everyone may need to apply the principle of scheduling sex. Some people are functioning just fine without this tip, however, if you are constantly having issues when it comes to sex, you may want to consider scheduling sex with your spouse.

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3 comments on “Scheduling Sex – Marriage Tip
  1. MomOf4 says:

    I have attended one of your conferences and have much respect for your teaching. Sex is definitely a very big fight in my marriage.
    I’ve had a very difficult marriage for the last 11 years. My husband is very emotional and has a extreme need for sex and add an unrighteousness temper to all that. I’m miserable. I’ve suffered a lot of emotional abuse with his highs and lows of emotion, so much so that I am very emotionless now. I have absolutely no libido. We constantly fight about sex and I feel berated almost every night. I’m tired of the countless sleepless nights spent fighting. What advice can you give me as a wife? How can my desire or attitude change. I feel like I have very little control over it. Marriage is hanging on by a thread.

    • Hitting Home says:

      Are you able to afford our coaching services? Your husband may need a strong male as a counselor to confront his situation.

      If he is a willing participant, we often help people in 5-8 sessions.

      I am not trying to sell the coaching services, but I do believe your situation may require some strong, yet loving male counsel for your husband.

      – Dr. Force

  2. Jackson says:

    My wife and I agree to schedule sex but what if my wife still does not feel like trying on our scheduled day when that day arises?

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