Why Marriage is Sometimes Hard


I am a firm believer that if you let life happen, life has a way of running you over. In fact, Matthew Henry said, “The way of sin is always downhill.” I like to put it like this:

There is no such position as neutral in the Christan life because sin and selfishness are like gravity. They are always working against us. Therefore, we are either moving upward or spiraling downward. There is really no in between.


Marriage is an Uphill Battle


It is true that marriage is an uphill battle, but so is everything else worthwhile in life. This is probably why Paul said that those that marry “shall have trouble in the flesh”. (I Corinthians 7:28)

Many seem to confuse the need for working on their marriage for a lack of true love in their relationship. However, I would say that the exact opposite is true in that those that work at their marital relationship manifest love in its truest form.


Mark it Down


Mark it down. If you are not adding positive things into your marriage relationship, negativity is lurking around the corner. This is why a great marriage takes a concerted effort by both participants to add that which is good in order to avoid the more difficult situations.

Our 2-step process is designed for the couple looking to add those things that are positive into their relationship. Whether you are a couple that is desiring to brush up on your marriage skills or you are experiencing what some would call very complex marriage probelms, our 2-step process may prove to be helpful.

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