Marriage Conference in Nebraska


Our Marriage Conference in Nebraska


Words cannot express the wonderful time we had with the church family of First Baptist Church in Plattsmouth, Nebraska this last weekend. We were truly blessed by the spirit of receptivity and the spiritual energy that is flowing through this church.


A Special Thank You


We would like to extend a special thank you to Pastor Raymond Wicks, Joseph Wicks, and the rest of the staff at FBC, Plattsmouth. Their ability to organize and energize is incredibly obvious.



Preparing to speak at the First Baptist Church of Plattsmouth



Saturday’s Events


The marriage conference started on Saturday at the Carol Joy Holling Center. I believe we had between 90 and 100 people squeezed into a little conference room. Here are a few pics of Saturday’s event.

marriage conference in nebraska

marriage conference in nebraska

marriage seminar speaker


Spoke 7 Times in a 32 Hour Period


Speaking 7 times in a 32 hour period equals exhausted for me, but I must say that it is always a good kind of a tired.

This is one of the reasons why I walk for excercise. It helps to build my stamina for speaking at events as such.

In Bible college, we were told that one hour’s worth of speaking is equal to 8 hours of manual labor. That being said, it would equal to about 50 hours of manual labor.


Place of Birth


This trip was a special blessing in that Plattsmouth, Nebraska is near the place of my birth, Fremont, Nebraska.

I was able to locate the little village where my parents lived for about a year and a half. Here are a few pics of the hospital where I was born as well as the town where I lived. It is called Nickerson. It is so small (369 people) that only a few of the people I met in Plattsmouth had ever even heard of it.




They Cleaned Us out of Marriage Books


By Sunday morning, we had already moved all of our marriage books. When you travel by plane, there is always this fine line between taking enough resources and not having too many extra bags to check in at the airport.




The New Church Building


The church’s building for FBC, Plattsmouth is only about 5 years old, and I was amazed to hear that they had dismantled the steel from an old horse arena to use as the frame for the building. In fact, the men of the church did this themselves. I do not believe I have ever heard of something like that.


Joshua’s First Evangelistic Trip by Plane


Our seventh child, Joshua Force was born in December. It was his first plane ride, and I felt he did fairly well. I will say, however, that he was glad to be home as he slept for about 12 hours straight his first night back in his own little crib.

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