How is Your Heart?

It is more than vital for couples to realize that in order to obtain the right answers, they must ask the right questions. Instead of asking, how will we ever fix our marriage, maybe there is a better question. Could it be that your marriage is limping along because both participants have unhealthy hearts?

How is the health of your heart and your soul? If we could measure the health of your spiritual heart as we do our regular heart, what would we find? Would we find contentment, joy, and the ability to sacrificially love or hurt, selfishness, pride, or guilt?

The state of your hearts will determine the state of your marriage. Maybe more couples should ponder the path of their own feet as Proverbs says in Proverbs 4:26 instead of trying to “solve their marriage problems”. Maybe they should both look within and start learning, reading, and seeking after God as if their marriage depends upon it, because it does.

Read more about the importance of having healthy hearts in a marriage at our article called Healthy Individuals Make Up a Healthy Marriage.

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