Husband is Not a Christian


What is a woman to do if her husband is not a Christian? Mark it down, what comes natural to her will probably be the last thing that planeshe needs to do. This is why a Biblical approach will be necessary.


What Comes Natural


If a woman’s husband is not a Christian, she will be tempted to do the following:


Win Him With Her Words


Though there is a time to tell a husband about the Lord, I Peter 3:1 tells women that the brightest light they possess is their actions instead of their words.

The bright light of thankfulness and forgiveness is a very powerful light for a woman. She will do well to utilize this Biblical weaponry. We cover this in detail in chapter 9 of our marriage book.


Look For A Eureka Moment


If behind the scenes your husband can sense that you are waiting for what I call a Eureka moment when he turns to the Lord and becomes a Christian, you will find that he will resist change all the more.

In chapter 6 of my marriage book, we talk about the importance of laying aside a spirit of expectancy when loving your spouse. I cannot stress the importance of this step.


Develop A Form Of Pride


When a wife’s husband is not a Christian, she may be tempted to develop a form of spiritual pride about her higher spiritual status. This is a very dangerous aspect of being married to a husband that is not a Christian, and a wife will do well to be aware of such a spiritual cancer growing in her heart.


Use Christianity As A Form of Control Over Her Husband


A woman married to an unbelieving husband can, sometimes, get accustomed to feeling a little higher on the spiritual plain. Knowing that she is the weaker vessel, at times, she could be tempted to enjoy that position as it gives her a sense of control over her man.

A woman in this state should, once again, guard her heart. In fact, I have seen some in this position to get a little more than they bargain for when their husband finally comes to Christ. This is due to the fact that when he does come to Christ, she often has to let go of the spiritual reigns in order for him to assume a Biblical role. And, I have seen some actually loathe the transition.

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