The Greatest Lesson I Have Learned After 16 Years Of Counseling

The longer I coach and counsel couples, the more I am convinced that the greatest need for spouses is to gaze upon Christ through His Word. (II Corinthians 3:18)

We all have a dividing line between our soul and our spirit (Hebrews 4:12), and I am finding that unless that dividing line is precisely hit with the presence of the Father (John 14:21-23), our lives are out of balance, especially our marriages.


Thousands Of Dollars


We are often approached by couples that have spent thousands of dollars on counseling. Honestly, they typically know more counseling terms than me, and upon speaking with them, I can tell that they expect me to go the normal route of dissecting their conversation as others have done.

With couples in such a state, I usually go in a different direction. Instead of allowing the counseling/coaching session to turn into an extension of their arguments, I attempt to pull them out of their logical quagmire and put their focus on one primary issue, the health of their soul.

Mark it down. Healthy spouses have healthy marriages. Without this premise being established, couples will soon become lost in the maze of their petty arguments and issues. They will spend their entire life and marriage looking for something that does not exist: a healthy marriage made up of unhealthy individuals.

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