Missing the Mark


After 14 years of helping couples in need as a pastor, life coach, and a Christian marriage speaker, I have come to a few conclusions about those in an unhappy marriage:


1. It is near impossible to make an unhappy person happy.

2. No husband or wife will make their spouse any happier than God can.


Though I am going to apply this principle primarily to marriage, I have had to learn to apply this as a pastor, business owner, and a friend as well. In fact, it applies to every area of our lives.


Why is this So Vital?


I believe this to be a vital teaching for the following reasons:


Many Spend their Lives Looking for Something that Does Not Exist


We were created to experience the perfect love and approval of our Heavenly Father. When this need has not been met, people strive to fill that void with everything but the love of the Father (I John 2:15 and Romans 5:5).

The lie of the world is that the greatest thing that can happen to you is to find love through a romantic relationship. If you will listen carefully to love songs and television shows, you will see that this is the case.

However, it must be understood that though a romantic relationship can be a wonderful experience, the love someone receives from their spouse pales in comparison to the love of God.


False Conclusions


When people see that their spouse fails to make them happy, they tend to come to the wrong conclusion. That is, they tend to think one or more of the following:


I married the wrong person

This is not my soul mate

We got married for all the wrong reasons

We rushed our engagement

There is no real love between us

We have fallen out of love


Aim Small, Miss Small


I find it important to deal with this subject, because, in life, it is not that we give the wrong answers as much as we typically ask the wrong questions. And, most people in an unhappy marriage error in asking, “What should my spouse do to make me happy?”. The better question is, “Am I truly a happy person despite the behavior of my spouse?”.

If we are going to hit the right target, we must ensure that we are aiming at the correct one first. For many in an unhappy marriage, instead of focusing on what their spouse needs to do to make them happy, they will do better to first find their happiness from God alone.


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One comment on “Missing the Mark
  1. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE… I REALLY DO NEED Prayer For MY Marriage. Things have fallen so apart that my husband is NO Longer talking to me and he’s keeping company with a younger girl for the past month.
    The first 2 years of Marriage BLESSED. God Was ALWAYS First. This year, God NOT Always first, illness (his dad in Jan, cancer then healed), electronics (my husband Always), me not properly respecting him, then other people becoming more important than us and OUR relationship (July, Aug, Sept, Oct.), to November when he moved out. Had Thanksgiving together with his family. Then by first of December keeping company with this younger girl that he knows from the neighborhood. Closing me out and no longer speaking to me or acknowledging me. So hurt. SO DESPERATE to SAVE MY Marriage.
    Went from Beautiful at the beginning of year to dead at the end of year 2015.

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