Affordable Marriage Counseling, Christian


Affordable Marriage Counseling


If you are one of those looking for affordable marriage counseling, I have a few suggestions for you:

affordable marriage counseling christian

Check in with a Local Church


Though not all pastors like to provide marriage counseling, some are highly trained at what is called pastoral care or nouthetic counseling. A pastor in such a position will often offer such counseling on a free or donation basis.

I currently am one of the pastors at Crossroads Bible Church in the Ocala, FL / Ft. McCoy area. As a service to our church and community, I provide help to couples in need on a free or donation basis from a pastoral care perspective. A pastor in your respective community may provide the same.


Staff Counselors


Many churches have a pastoral care counselor on staff. These counselors often operate on a free or a donation basis. It never hurts to make a few phone calls and ask.




The information that we provide to almost all couples in the first 6 to 8 sessions is in our book on marriage, How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another, and our Audio Series. The Audio Series is a live recording of our marriage conference.

If a person will simply apply everything that I have placed in our book on marriage, they will often find that their behavior will yield good results. Though we never make any guarantees, your obedience to God’s principles will always prove to be beneficial in some form or fashion.


Local Ministries


In our particular area, Unlimited Discipleship ministries offers affordable marriage counseling help on a donation basis. Your area may have similar ministries. Once again, do a little research.


Christian-based Resources


Many times, churches will have hundreds of dollars of materials that they may be willing to allow you to borrow. This material may be in the form of Christian books on marriage, Dvds, and audio material. Once again, it never hurts to ask.


Older Christian Couples


Titus 2 tells us that the elder in the church should disciple the younger to love their spouses. That being the case, it never hurts to get to know an older couple in your church that may take you and your spouse under their wing. This is yet another way that you may be able to find affordable marriage counseling or advice. If you find that their are a lack of older couples in your church willing to do so, you may need to change churches!

Learn More About Our Marriage Resources
Check out our Marriage Book

- Learn about our proven, 2-step process
- Designed as a couples devotional
- Use in a group study
- A biblical and refreshing approach

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

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