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Christian Marriage Blog


I noticed the other day that a vast amount of people search for a christian marriage blog on a daily basis. That being the case, I thought I had better let you know some of the features of our blog as they may not be apparent upon first visiting our Christian marriage blog.

christian marriage blog

We Like to Receive Questions


If you will fill out a comment form at the bottom of one of our blog posts, you will find that we try to answer these as much as is possible. Though we are very busy with resource development and distribution, counseling and coaching, and planning marriage events, we try to take the time to be interactive with our readers.


Use our Search Bar


We have an amazing amount of teachings on surviving an affair, the marriage bed, solving marriage problems, and general marriage counseling help. We highly recommend that you use our search bar to research different topics of interest for you, and since we are adding material on almost a daily basis, you should be able to find the marriage help you need from a Christian perspective on this site.


Very Practical Advice


I am a firm believer that advice should be simple, Biblical, yet also extremely practical. On many of our pages we will give you steps to do the following:


How to effectively communicate in a marriage

How to handle conflict from a Biblical perspective

How to revitalize your feelings for your spouse

How to recover from an affair or infidelity

How to avoid needless arguments and fights

How to recover from an affair


Unashamedly Biblical


I am a firm believer that there is no help for people outside of the scriptures. Though at one time I tried the approach of sneaking scriptures through the back door after relating very practical points, now things are different. In my view, time is short and people must realize that God is the supreme answer for every solution. This Christian marriage blog exists for the purpose of showing people that God is the supreme need in their lives.

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

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