Wife Training??


Living with an angry or frustrated wife?  Rather than simply blaming her, a husband will do well to see how he may have contributed to the problem.  Take a look at this excerpt from our marriage book, How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another.


Growing Up


Husbands are better than they realize at training their wives, yet, this training is of a different sort as it takes little or no effort to accomplish.

When I was young, my mother would ask me to clean my room, take out the trash, or go outside and feed the dogs. To my shame, I would often ignore her requests until, finally, she would lose her cool for the purpose of gaining my attention. Without knowing it, I was subtlety training my mother that she had to use anger to control my actions.

Similarly, when I was first married, I would not change my behavior or show concern toward my wife until she was either in tears or outwardly displaying her frustrations. In an odd sort of way, I was training her that to get me motivated she had to use either anger or some other form of drastic behavior.


A Wife’s Last Resort


Many wives do not want to show anger or hostility toward their husbands. It is just that from their pragmatic viewpoint, anger works to get their husbands motivated to take decisive action.

If you are a man that is married to an incessantly angry or frustrated wife, you may want to consider that it is entirely possible that through your laziness or lack of cognizance you have left her with few options. In her mind, the last and only resort may be to nag, harp, or lose her cool.


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  1. Frustrated says:

    Is there a solution to the nagging/ignoring/anger cycle? If the other person won’t change their behavior or help out with household chores when politely asked, then all household chores fall on the one who actually sees the dirty dishes (for example) instead of ignoring them. Thus ignoring the person who asks for help and then belittles the person asking for help by saying things like ” just because I didnt do it in 2.3 seconds after you asked…” but we all know they would never do the dishes whether asked or not.

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