Your Wife’s On and Off Switch


Generally speaking, when it comes to physical intimacy, women seem to have this on and off switch that can be in the on position one day, but in the off position on another. For men, it seems to be a little different as their switch tends to be stuck in the on position.

On the other hand, when it comes to emotional intimacy, once a woman’s emotional switch is in the off position, it can take a very long time for it to move in the other direction, and men will loathe the time it takes for that to change.

To be totally honest, some men in our audience should give me their ear. That is, they are not picking up on the tremors that may one day turn into a full blown emotional earthquake. The warning signs on the dash have been messaging for years, and they may be in shock the day their wife’s emotional engine blows.


The Average Age Of My Clients


There is a reason why the average age of my coaching clients and our conference attendees is between 35 and 45. This is mostly because, around the age of 35 or so, women lose their elasticity and they stop bouncing back from the difficulties that life and marriage throw their way.

For some men in our audience, I would like to encourage you to take heed to the tremors before they turn into a full blown emotional earthquake. If you fail to take action now and spend more time listening to Dr. Ego instead of good sound advice, you will find the following: once your wife’s emotional switch is in the off position, it will take much longer than you desire for it to switch back.

When men change, they tend to change right away. Women, however, typically take what can seem like a very slow 180 degree turn.

When a woman shuts down emotionally, time will be her friend, but it will feel like a man’s enemy. He will resent the longevity of the process while the woman will feel secure in it.

Don’t be one of those men that wait to read a marriage book, attend a conference, or take decisive action after the wife has shut down. Listen now. Say goodbye to Dr. Ego and humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up in due time. (James 4:10)

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7 comments on “Your Wife’s On and Off Switch
  1. Annonimos says:

    Women at some point reach a place where they loose hope and stop trying to gain a mans love because they see that no matter how hard they try he will only continue to be selfish. I’m sure that there can be either a man or a woman in any marriage who serve Satan and therefore can not feel love or compassion for their fellow humans especially their mate who they should love more than their own selves. Truly selfless behavior will only be found in humans who serve Christ and not their own selves. So the only solution to any martial problem is for both parties to serve Christ and not themselves. If one is not committed to the other and only themself then the other spouse will suffer pain and hurt. Same as we would all experience if Jesus had not chosen to lay down his own life to save us all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a loss of elasticity. Things can only stretch so much before recoil or breaking. Chances are, these other women, like myself, just couldn’t take anymore strain from this person. It is part of the curse in Genesis where the women seeks the love and protection of her Husband and he instead rules over her. The only cure for the curse is discipleship in Chist. He set the example. He became the groom to the bride by dying for her. Eternity is all that matters to Christ. He made of Himself no reputation and became obedient unto death..even the death of the cross. He told His disciples they must take up their own cross.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obedient to the father, is what Christ was unto death and as example to his Disciples. In short, Father rules.

    • anonymous says:

      Curse in Genesis? I see a lot of opposition to this article in the replies, a lot of blame pointed towards the men, and a lot of self-absorbed thinking self-justification and entitlement that you all are owed something. Its a good demonstration of just how badly feminism has infiltrated our society and poisoned people’s minds to hear this kind of talk.

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