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Our marriage book is also designed for use as a couples devotional book. Here are a few key points that you should know about using our book as a devotional book in your marriage.


Presents A Forward-Focused Look At Strengthening Your Marriage


I have had a number of people share with me that they feel our marriage book presents a very positive way to strengthen their marriage. In fact, this would agree with the premise of the book in that we teach that if couples will focus on doing a few fundamental things right, they will often stop doing the hundreds of negative things that they find to do to irritate one another. We teach this through what I call a 2-step process. Watch our video to learn more about this 2-step process.


Contains Thought-Provoking Questions At The End Of Each Chapter


At the end of each chapter, we have placed some thought-provoking questions for spouses to ask themselves. In fact, these questions may encourage healthy discussion for couples striving to strengthen their marriage.


Packed With Bible Verses


Couples should find it beneficial to look up the verses placed at the end of each chapter after the discussion questions.


Only 172 Pages


I have to be honest with you. I do not like big books with small lettering. In fact, if I could just use pictures, I probably would. However, since major truth is always simple, I worked hard at getting to the point in our marriage book. Hence, you will only find 172 pages in our book.

If you love bigger books than ours, then we we would recommend that you read it twice. 🙂


A Fresh Approach


I have to admit. I loathe clichés. I also tire of hearing the same illustrations and analogies. Therefore, I try as hard as possible to speak and write using word pictures and phrases that are as original as possible. I also work hard at taking the facts and twisting them around in a way that defy your logic and your emotions. In fact, I find that the way of wisdom always seems illogical and contrary to your initial feelings in any situation.



What Other’s Are Saying


I love to hear from our readers that they had to read the book more than once. Honestly, that was one of my goals while writing the book.

Here is a review that we like to hear:


“Got the book and read it in two days!!! I know when I begin to falter I can go back and re read and let this book (along with the Bible and the verses the book points out) reinforce what I need to be doing…..not just a one time read and tuck away type book!!! I pray it will change my views and actions and one day my husband will read this book too …….”

“My husband and I are almost done reading your book on marriage. Holy buckets….how did you get so wise?! You hit the nail on the head on everything! Absolutely astounding. We would like to lead a ‘Life Group’ at our Church . . . “


For Individual Study Or Use As A Couples Devotional


Our marriage book, How to Fight For Your Marriage Without Fighting With One Another, has been designed for individual study as well as a couples devotional. With thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter, couples find our book a helpful resource to encourage healthy, forward-thinking conversation. For ordering information, visit our online resource center.

Prefer listening rather than reading? Check out our audio book or listen to a live recording of one of our How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage Conferences. These are great options for the non-reader in your life.

Oops! Almost forgot. There is a that Amazon option also available to you.


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