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Our New Upcoming Events Page


We are excited about our upcoming Christian marriage conferences and events. In fact, we have a new upcoming events page that you may want to check out.


Please Verify


Some of you have told me that you are going to travel by way of plane or a long car ride to some of our events. Therefore, I would highly recommend that you call before you leave to verify times and location.

This is because specific events can cancel on a moments notice due to weather, illness, or who knows what. So be sure to contact the host church or organization before traveling to one of our events.


Many a Time


On a number of occasions as a young couple, my wife and I would get in the car and travel to a conference or a meeting without calling beforehand. I hate to say that there were a few occasions where we ended up either hanging out at the local mall for a while or had to turn our car around and head back home. You talk about being all dressed up with no place to go.


Christian Marriage Conferences


Right now, though we also conduct parenting and singles events, we have a number of marriage conferences on our calendar. So if you feel that your marriage could benefit from our 2-step process, check out our events page.

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- Use in a group study
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