A Wonderful Marriage Conference Last Weekend


A Wonderful Weekend in Ohio


I was very honored to be able to speak at the 2015 Father’s House Singles and Marriage Conference in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. Once again, I was very blessed to be able to teach couples How to Fight for their Marriage Without Fighting with One Another using a Biblical methods.


A Growing Church


This was my third time speaking at the Father’s House in Columbus, and it was a blessing to see the amazing spiritual and numerical growth of the church itself. Dr. Mitchell had told me that the church had doubled in size, yet it appeared it had tripled as there was not an empty seat in the house.

church pan view

I’m glad I am a Florida Boy


Though I enjoy traveling up north (primarily in the summer), I struggle with cold temperatures. In fact, it was 12 degrees when I walked off the plane in Columbus. That’s cold for someone that is used to 75 degrees in the winter months.

snow brrrr

A Few Pictures

church sign

Very blessed


We were blessed to see some travel from a few hours away through very difficult road conditions to make it to the conference. As a matter of fact, I believe there was about 6 inches of snowfall the night before and the day of the conference.


Very Receptive Crowd


The attendees at the Father’s house are always very receptive to hear a Biblical approach to marriage and family issues. In fact, they are not only one of the most hospitable groups of people that I have met, but they truly want to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Word. Looking forward to what The Lord has in 2016.

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