Our Christian Marriage Conference in Flint, Michigan


Flint, Michigan, Christian Marriage Conference


Had a great time in Flint, Michigan last week as we conducted a Christian-based marriage conference.


Amazing Venue


The venue for the conference was the Riverside Tabernacle. This particular building, according to Pastor Tom Mattiuzzo, was once featured in Time Magazine as it was one of the first church buildings of its kinds to seat thousands yet every attender was less than one hundred feet from the speaker. As you can see in the picture, it is what is called by some a fan-shaped auditorium.

christian marriage conference flint michigan

Not Feeling So Well


My wife and I were not well as we conducted this meeting. Between her being about six months pregnant and suffering from a cold and my pulled hamstring, we were operating at about half speed.

However, it must be said that whenever I am not feeling well yet have to speak, there is an adrenalin that seems to kick in while speaking. And, I could barely feel the pain in my hamstring . . . until after I was done.

christian marriage conference flint michigan

Needless to say, the plane ride on the way home was a little uncomfortable as the adrenalin from the marriage conference had worn off.


Heading Back in 2015


As a Christian marriage speaker, I am always humbled when invited back to conduct another marriage conference or seminar. To God be the glory, Pastor Michael Stone has invited me back to conduct another conference in August of 2015.

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