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Why We Use So Many Scriptures in our Christian Marriage Book


As I write this, we are just a few weeks from releasing our Christian marriage book, How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another. After two years of work, I would like to share why this book is unashamedly packed full of scriptures and Bible verses.


Is it a Book for Believers or Non-Believers?


As I announced to others that I was writing this book, someone asked if our Christian marriage book was written for believers or non-believers. At first, I was inclined to answer the question. However, after a little more thinking, I started examining the premise of their question, and it reveals a certain ideology that some have about Christian versus secular books. The ideology is this: A book full of scriptures would be ideal for Christians, yet, for non-Christians, it is better to use humor, whit, and as few verses as possible.

The more I thought I about this I realized that this type of thinking has become very popular in the minds of many Christians. The only problem is that I feel it is rather off-base.


The Word of God is the Only Remedy for All People


Trying to curtail the amount of scriptures in our messages and our material to better reach unbelieving individuals is a mistake. I believe it is an error because there is no help outside of the scriptures for mankind.


Hiding the Power of the Word


Though I use humor and touching stories, I do not believe they are the basis for my teachings on marriage, parenting, the church, and life in general. To do so would be to hide the power of the Word behind mine own understanding.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is quick (alive) and powerful. If we believe this, then we should be the first to take the Sword out of the sheath of our methods and utilize God’s primary method for revealing Himself, the Word.


An Apologetic Attitude


Also, when we hold back from giving Bible verses because someone is not already in Christ, we almost come across as if we are apologetic for our scriptural stance. I believe this is always a mistake as what other help is there for mankind apart from the scriptures?

Furthermore, God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Not only that, but He is the One who invented marriage in the first place. Therefore, to categorize marriage material into secular and Christian-based is slightly ludicrous as any marriage advice worth its salt is simply a recycling of universal principles that had to have found their beginnings from the source of all knowledge, God.

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Why Hold Back


When believers hold back the scriptures from lost people, we are often caging the only warrior that can truly fight their battles. Therefore, in our Christian marriage book, we decided to present marriage from God’s perspective in a rather direct manner. Therefore, our main goal was not to woo people in though humor and sad stories and then try to slip God in the back door.

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