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Why the Shortness of our Book on Marriage?


One would think that a book on marriage would need to be a 300 page book with vast amounts of end notes. Though books as such are often wonderful books, the shortness of our book on marriage is due to the beauty of our 2-step process.

short book on marriage

The Simplicity of our Marriage Counseling Method


Couples having issues often do not know where to start. In their minds, they wonder if they need a diagnosis, intense therapy, marital separation, long getaway weekends, a marriage retreat, books and resources on marriage, and so on and so forth. However, we have found that if most couples can simply put our Biblical, yet refreshing 2-step process into practice, then, more times than naught, they are able to rise above their marital dysfunction.


Not by the Yard, but by the Weight


Honestly, when I travel to conduct a marriage conference, I am often asked the purpose of my travel. I often tell people that I am traveling to such and such a place to tell people to be nice to each other. And, to be honest, no matter how complex your marriage problems appear to be, the answer is typically found in the golden rule as taught in Matthew 7:12 when Jesus said, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

Good advice is not measured by the yard, but by the weight, and I believe you will find our book on marriage to be short, yet weighty in matter. In fact, I believe you will need to read it two or three times to truly extract what God has for you.


Occum’s Razor


I am a firm believer in Occum’s razor. This principle teaches that the correct answer is typically the simplest answer. In fact, I apply this to church, the Bible, marriage counseling methods, parenting, business, and life in general.


Aim Small Miss Small


It is difficult to hit the correct target if you are not aiming at the right one. This is why our goal for 13 years has been to pinpoint the exact things that couples need to think and do in order to Biblically solve their marriage problems.

We believe through our teaching on the top mistake that couples make in fight, our teaching on the bridge illustration, our focus on getting back to God rather than just to one another, the happiness principle, and the specifics of our 2-step process are exactly what most couples in dire straits need to hear. In fact, on a weekly basis we see couples move out of their issues and into a blessed state as a result of what God enables us to teach. Praise the Lord!


Hope You Enjoy


I hope you enjoy our book on marriage. In my mind, it is like a painting in that we layered principle upon principle in order to hit home and provide a word fitly spoken to couples and spouses in need.

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