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Our marriage book, How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another, has been deigned for individual and group use. Here are a few helpful hints on how to use our Bible study book on marriage in a group setting.


1. Assign a chapter or two at a time for the members of the group to read. Depending on the length of the chapter, you may have to adjust the amount of chapters assigned. We will warn you that some of our chapters are much longer than others. Therefore, at times, you may want to assign half of a chapter or so.


2. When the group meets back together, the leader may want to start by relaying what meant the most to him or her. They may even want to read a specific section to the group, so as to remind the group of the chapter’s content.


3. After the leader relays his or her thoughts, he or she may want to open the floor for a brief time of discussion, as to what spoke the most to the individual members of the group. Keep in mind, since you are dealing with marriage, a few group members may want to monopolize the study time with specific details of their own marriage. A leader may need to kindly set boundaries before the study begins so as to avoid this scenario, as it will prove to be unprofitable for all involved. In such cases, we would recommend encouraging the said persons to find Christian-based counseling, to better facilitate their needs.


4. We have placed thought provoking questions at the end of every chapter. It is recommended that you ask and answer those at every setting.


5. You will notice that we have placed scriptures by some of the questions. These are the scriptures that were used to answer the questions in the book. It may prove helpful to have someone in the study look these up and read them.


6. We also have an audio series that may aid the members of the group to better understand the content of our Bible study book on marriage. This series can be ordered at by clicking on our order page.


7. All scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

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