Why I Love the Next 40 Days


We are exactly 40 days away from our Kissimmee How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage Conference in sunny Kissimmee, FL, and Dr. Force is excited. Let me tell you why:


1. During the next 40 days, we will see couples signing up from all over the country. In fact, during our last marriage event, our book give-a-way to the couple that traveled the farthest, was awarded to a couple that journeyed 2,200 miles to strengthen their marriage.

2. Over the next 40 days, we will receive a number of questions like, “Will your program help us?” or “Does your program specifically deal with our problems?”. To that we would have to accentuate the beauty of our 2-step process as it helps couples no matter what their challenges are. This is because we have found that if couples will implement the simple and positive steps that we teach, they will stop doing the hundreds of negative things they do to irritate one another.

Some ask, “What if I am the only one that is willing to change?” Though there are certainly obvious difficulties with paradigms as such, we have found that even if one person is willing to change, they can often help to create the atmosphere so that change in their relationship has the best possible chance of taking place. In fact, we have found that the smallest of tweaks can “create room” for change that seemed highly improbable at an earlier time.

3. Over the next 40 days, we challenge those that have given up hope for their marriage to consider that there may be something to learn or add to their marriage that they did not even knew existed. In fact, this is our goal during our marriage events and in our materials. Our desire is for spouses to come and have those “Aha” moments where they see the need to add aspects to their marriage that they had never considered.


Everything you need to know about our Kissimmee How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage Conference is on our Kissimmee Event Page.


See you there – Dr. Force

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