Rules for the New Millennium


Rules for Traversing Through the New Millennium


If you haven’t noticed, life has changed a lot over the last 20 years. And, by a lot, I mean a lot, like really . . . a lot.

As we flex with all of these new changes, I have been formulating a few new rules in my mind for this new millennial reign of technology over our lives. Here’s a stab at counterbalancing all the technological advances.


1. Just because you can google it does not mean you have to.


That’s right. Every once in a while call an old person up on the phone and ask them a question. They might actually feel valuable one again.

Does anyone remember having to call dad or mom about parenting when you first brought home that new born? Though I am frustrated at how elderly people have retracted from the younger, maybe it is because we have thrown them aside for a quick answer on google, yahoo, or bing.


2. If you are not able to reach me, that’s okay.


I am not a super hero. I am not God. I cannot fix your problems, only God can. If I do not answer the phone, it is on purpose. I am probably out on a walk with my children or listening to birds chirp as I sit alone in my office without the possibility of anyone being able to reach me. I love you, but I also love my sanity.


3. If I am 3 minutes late, I am not going to call and let you know.


If I am going to be 15 minutes late, I will shoot you a text. But, there was formerly something called being fashionably late, and I must say that if seconds and minutes beautify my reputation, then it must be looking really good by now.


4. Collect a library made out of paper.

rules for the new millennium

The problem with reading everything online is that we will have few books to pass down to our children. Actually, let me correct that. You will have few books to pass down to your children. I, on the other hand, have a library full of books with markings and notes carefully inscribed.

To this day, I read a Matthew Henry commentary that my dad used when he first became a Christian. The highlighted portions of the book are invaluable, and I plan on passing down this set to my children. I encourage you to fire your ebook company and, for the most part, do the same.

All that being said, one thing is for sure, there is one song that will not be sung a hundred years from now in church: My Mother’s Bible. Instead, I guess we can sing My Mother’s Ipad.

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