Our Recent Marriage and FL

We were very blessed during our recent road trip to Wisconsin, Indiana, and then back to Florida for a very wonderful marriage conference. The trip featured:

  • 3400+ miles in 11 days
  • 7 different beds
  • My first trip to Chicago that did not involve O’hare airport
  • The Ark Encounter
  • 12 teaching times on marriage and family issues


Highlights of the Trip


Marriage Emphasis Night in Moore’s Hill Indiana

We were very excited to be able to speak at the historic Carnegie Center in Moore’s Hill, Indiana. The exquisite tea room of this historic building provided the perfect setting to teach couples how to fight for their marriage without fighting with one another.


The Ark Encounter

If you have studied your Bible your entire life, the Ark Encounter is a must see.

Family Conference in Eau Claire

With Bibles open and eager hearts, the members of the Eau Claire Gospel Center and the First Baptist Church of Durand, WI were ready for Biblical teaching on marriage, parenting, and the home.

During the Saturday morning session, a horse in the born was especially moved by my preaching. I am not sure if you call it neighing or winnying, but, at the right moment, while everyone was soaking in a very powerful point, the horse made one of those horse breathing sounds. It took most of us a good minute or so to recoup.

Back in Ocala for a Marriage Conference

We were very honored by One Life Fellowship in Ocala to conduct a marriage conference in our home town. Thank you to Jon Egan for allowing us to be a part of your marriage conference.

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

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