Why We Are So Excited About Coming To Missouri In March


I have to be honest. I love our How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage Conferences, and I am especially excited about coming to Missouri in March, 2018. Here’s a few reasons why:


I am originally from the St. Louis area!


We will actually be flying into an airport just 10 minutes from the house in which I grew up.


A couple’s commitment to attend one of our events seems to carry over into other areas of the problem-solving process.


It is more than common for us to hear that one of our marriage events was the catalyst that started the problem solving process for couples in need. In fact, just the other day, I was told that our very first marriage conference in 2003 in Clermont, Florida, was the key ingredient for a particular couple to find a place of healing.


We love meeting our readership.


Our marriage material seems to be more powerful face to face.


I love technology and publishing books, but there is no substitute for meeting together and learning face to face.


Great things happen at our marriage conferences.


As previously stated, our first marriage conference was in 2003. Believe it or not, but that conference actually turned into a 3-day extended revival meeting. From there, it has been fun watching what takes place in people’s hearts at our events.


In person, we are able to better convey the spirit of our material.


You may read our books a little differently than the way we write them. When we conduct a marriage conference, we are able to convey the true spirit of love and confidence behind our material.


To find out more about our 2018 Missouri Marriage Conference, be sure to check out our Events page. See you there!


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