Christian Radio Talk Show Guest on Marriage


Dr. Raymond Force, Christian Radio Talk Show Guest on Marriage


I have appeared on a number of broadcasts over the years as a Christian radio talk show guest on marriage. However, just recently, I was happy to appear on Dr. Jerry Kennedy’s podcast.

christian radio talk show guest on marriage

Dr. Kennedy is a well respected chiropractor that has extremely helpful information for those looking to feel great and healthy once again. He is an out of the box thinker, and I am a firm believer that this always necessary in order to help the masses. In fact, I often say, “If you run with the herd, you will usually end up going over the cliff.”.

On Dr. Kennedy’s podcast, we were able to deal with conflict resolution, the need for internal happiness, a Biblical approach to happiness, the futility of materialism, and some of the top mistakes that couples and family members make while trying to solve relationship issues.


Why I Enjoyed Being on the Show


Many times, while appearing as a Christian radio talk show guest on marriage and relationships, there is not an openness to share Christian principles as they are related in the Bible. I was very appreciative of the freedom that I enjoyed on this broadcast to quote scriptures and share vital principles on marriage and relationships.

Thanks Dr. Jerry Kennedy for allowing me to appear on your podcast. Hope to do it again someday, and I trust others are encouraged by the thoughts and principles exchanged between us.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

For more information about Dr. Jerry Kennedy, be sure to visit one of his many sites, and also be sure to sign up for his email newsletter.  He also offers a number of free products on health and wellness that you may want to check out.

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