Christian Radio Guest – 1420 WFLT, Flint Michigan


Christian Radio Guest Appearance on WFLT 1420 AM


It was a pleasure being a Christian radio guest on WFLT 1420 am today. The radio host was AC Dumas with Pastor Michael Stone of the Power of God Ministries in Flint, Michigan.

christian radio guest

Always a Pleasure


I have always enjoyed television and radio as you never quite know who may be listening.

I have heard of people in suicidal conditions listening to the radio that have come to Christ as a result. I have even been told stories of individuals at their whits ends that have been helped as a result of either watching a television broadcast or listening to a Christian radio show.


I Never Quite Know What I am Going to Say


I have found that if a speaker or a radio talk show guest is too regimented or concerned about his or her specific words, they are usually not as effective. Therefore, even when addressing an audience as a Christian marriage speaker, I usually am not quite sure what I am going to say. I have found that this keeps my spirit fresh and free while speaking.


The Show


Today, I was a guest for the purpose of promoting our upcoming Christian Marriage Conference in Flint, Michigan. The date of the marriage conference is August the 16th, 2014. More details are on our upcoming events page.

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