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Christian Marriage Video


We are pleased to offer to you our newest Christian marriage video called the Top Mistake Couples Make in a Fight.  This details our philosophy behind our 2-step process as well as one of our number one teachings.

christian marriage video

Saving Marriages


So many couples walk away from arguments thinking that the other person is simply unreasonable or hard-headed.  We have found that this is rarely true as the real problem is how and when couples are trying to talk to one another.



In our Christian marriage video, we give the primary reason as to why couples struggle to see eye to eye.  And, we do this by conveying a wonderful truth out of the book of Proverbs.


Kudos to My Son


Having a little experience at television (my wife and I had a television show for three and a half years), we were looking at doing a very conventional Christian marriage video for our book and our audio material.  However, my son, Mark, suggested a storyboard type of a video using art work instead of actual people.


Doodling You


We were very happy to use Doodling You for our art work.  They are based in Ocala, FL and she is very experienced at drawing on-the-fly sketches.

We hope you enjoy our Christian marriage video.  Though it took some time and a little creativity, we trust that is conveys our philosophy behind our book on marriage, audio material, and Christian marriage conference material.

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2 comments on “Christian Marriage Video, Hitting Home, Conference Material
  1. Margaret Turner says:

    Love the video and your ministry is amazing and based on pure Biblical truth, God bless you for the Rhema you deliver!

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