A Great Marriage Retreat in Central Florida


A Great Time in Central Florida


It was a pleasure speaking at the Freedom Baptist Church in Keystone Heights, Florida this past Sunday evening as we wrapped up a 3-day Christian marriage event.

freedom baptist church keystone heights fl

A Special Thanks


We would like to offer a special thank you to the staff of Freedom Baptist Church and Pastor Jason Stephens for working so hard to make this a great event. I believe the Lord was glorified as a result.

We would also like to thank the Lake Swan Camp in Melrose for allowing us to use their facilities on Friday and Saturday. It certainly is a beautiful camp, and the food was great!!

lake swan camp melrose fl



Here’s a few pics of the event this last weekend. We were certainly blessed to be able to show couples why glorifying God through marriage is the best way to create a truly happy marriage.

freedom baptist church keystone heights fl
fight for your marriage conference
lake swan camp melrose florida

Candied Peppers


Though this may not sound too spiritual, one of the highlights of the marriage event was the procuring of a jar of candied peppers by one of the members of the church.

My family knows that I am a huge fan of hot sauces and peppers. In fact, I think I should have this jar finished by the end of the week!!


An Organizational Nightmare


The event was slightly in jeopardy in that the camp was out of power for three days before the Christian marriage conference.  In fact, the power only came on at 5 pm on Friday and the couples were to show up at 6:30 PM.  Though I was not the planner of the event, I am sure that was a very difficult situation to handle.

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