4 Hours That Could Save Your Marriage


It’s hard to believe we are just 10 days from our Orlando How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage Conference on Saturday, November 3rd, in Orlando, FL. We are so excited, and there are only about 33 tickets remaining. Preregistration is required. Register here.

It is common for us around this time to start receiving phone calls and emails from couples asking, “Will this conference help our marriage?” To this question, I would like to make a few points:


  1. First off, our conferences are usually not money making propositions. So if your spouse is saying, “They just make these claims to make a few bucks off of us.”, they are inaccurate. We host these events with the sole purpose of reaching out to couples in need.
  2. Out of everything we do at Hitting Home, we believe our conferences are the most helpful to couples in need. Yes, couples are helped through our books, audio material, and our coaching services. In fact, we enjoy over a 70% success rate with couples in need.  But, we find that there is no substitute for personal contact with our audience.
  3. We keep our conferences short and sweet for a purpose. Honestly, anything over 4 sessions is information overload. But, we pack our first 6-8 coaching sessions into these 4 sessions. It’s really a great deal for the couple that cannot afford our one-on-one sessions.
  4. Don’t just listen to me. Here are some personal testimonies from those that have attended our events over the years.


“Awesome Marriage Conference in Ocala this past weekend. Dr. Force was a blessing and the content of his process was phenomenal. My husband and I thoroughly engaged ourselves and enjoyed it together. Definitely worth attending. Thank you Dr. Force and your Team. It was a pleasure meeting you. Blessings to your Ministry.”

“Everyone was grabbing each other out in the hallways after Raymond spoke and talking about what they had learned . . . “

“I would like to express our joy over the Biblical marriage seminar you conducted at our church. Our church is still talking about it, and I know that it will have lasting effects on our church families. I can’t wait to have you back.”

“Marriage conference was a huge success, as our couples dealt with the tensions of anger and destruction that are often hidden just beneath the surface. As a result of this weekend, many couples experienced a new level of love and respect for each other. Dr. Force’s message taught us how to graciously deal with anger through kindness and love. It was a great weekend.”

“Dr. Force’s seminar is a no-nonsense, straight forward approach filled with biblical wisdom and insights into the relational aspects of marriage. He stands upon the Rock , Jesus Christ , while delivering words that heal, words that give life and hope to marriages. We are looking forward to having Dr. Force back next year.”

“Dr. Force provided excellent content which is helpful, practical and well presented. His mixture of biblical content, practical application and occasional humor was well received and appreciated. If you are looking for a partner in Marriage Ministry to your congregation he will be a welcomed friend.”

“Brother Raymond is a gifted speaker who presents the truths of God’s Word in a practical manner, but with great energy . . . I look forward to Brother Raymond returning to our church next year.”

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

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