Online Counseling – Is it for Me?


Online Counseling – Is it for me?


I have been helping couples for years through our online counseling services, face to face pastoral counseling services, Christian-based resources, and phone coaching services. If I have been asked once, I have been asked a thousand times, “Will online counseling work for me?”. Let me give a few pointers along these lines:

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Online Counseling and Coaching is not for Everyone


For some couples and individuals, the greater need is to have private, in person care, especially if they are looking for state licensed therapy. However, there are some that simply need a little sage advice to better handle their situation. For people in such a spot, online counseling and relationship coaching may prove to be extremely effective.


Ideal for Self-Starters, Executives, and Business Owners


I am not sure as to why, but business owners and entrepreneurs seem attracted to our ministry. Maybe it’s the busy lifestyle they live? Maybe the fact that we service time zones all across the world helps them to feel as if our services are more accessible.


Audible Learners


I have noticed that audible learners do really well with phone counseling or coaching. It is entirely possible that these types of individuals do not thrive with just a book or a DVD. It is probably that they learn better through listening to someone talk. I know I do. You should see me at a restaurant. I rarely read the menu. I just want the server to talk to me about what their food.


My Experience


Sometimes, we can use all the carefully constructed arguments in the world, however, at times, we may need to just focus on the results.

I can honestly say that we enjoy a very good success rate with our Christian-based, common sense approach to better living. In fact, we have a little saying about our marriage and relationship coaching that goes like this: “When adultery is not involved and both the husband and wife are on the phone, we win more than we lose with couples struggling to get along.”.

Though I do not have hard scientific facts to present as to our success rate, I know that when I have a couple on the phone, I expect to see them fix their marital issues more than fifty percent of the time.

Of course, we owe this success to Biblical principles and our 2-step process that the Lord allows us to teach to couples in need. To find out if our 2-step process is for you, be sure to check out our resource page.

Learn More About Our Marriage Resources
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- Learn about our proven, 2-step process
- Designed as a couples devotional
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- A biblical and refreshing approach

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