Our Recent Marriage/Singles Conference in Columbus

Rachel and I really enjoyed being at the Father’s House in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. This was my fourth time speaking at this growing church, and I would have to say that every time we come it seems like even more of an enjoyable time.


Similar Stories


Pastor Bobbie Mitchell started the Father’s House around the same time as our church began about five or six years ago. Our churches not only began around same time, but we also share another similar story in that both churches moved a significant number of miles across the county just a few years ago. This is an important point in that both of our churches underwent what felt like a restart during those days. Anyone that has ever planted a church can imagine the potential discouragement and/or difficulties of such a time.


A Teachable Spirit


The Father’s House is a vibrant congregation with a very teachable spirit. They truly mirror their pastor and first lady in their love and willingness to grow in wisdom. Many of their members with pen and paper in hand are busy taking notes whenever a gem avails itself in the message.


On A Personal Note


It is very difficult for me to teach and share these days without my heart bleeding the Grave Evangeline story. In fact, during the second service, we were able to visit a few details about the events of last May that I believe were very helpful to those processing pain and disappointment in their lives.

It was a powerful time indeed, and I was taken aback when after the service the musicians started to play Days of Elijah. I was blessed as this was a favorite for Grace and me. It was another one of what we call our Gracie moments. God is good!


A Wonderful Private Dinner


Couples had the option of signing up for a private dinner at a local French restaurant that would feature a question and answer time. It was indeed a memorable occasion as the food was superb and the spirit of the group seemed very encouraged by the end of the event.

Thank you Lord for allowing us the opportunity to share your Word and show people that in Christ are his all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge!


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