Marriage Conference – Columbus, Ohio – February 24th-26th, 2017


We are excited to be returning to the Father’s House International in Columbus, Ohio from February 24th-26th, 2017 for a How to Fight for Your Marriage – Marriage / Singles Conference. Below are a few helpful details about this event.


Preregistration is Required


Preregistration is required. To register, visit the registration page at:

If you have any issues registering for the event, feel free to call the Father’s House at 614-625-8110.

Also, the web address for the Father’s House is




The Father’s House
9670 School House Road
Canal Winchester, OH 43110


Child Care


Child care is provided. The host church is asking $5/child.


Topics and Scheduled Events


In short, Friday night is primarily geared toward singles and Saturday is primarily for those that are married or intending on marrying.

*Friday evening at 7 pm: Divorce 101 – How to Prepare for a Mediocre Marriage

This session is designed for singles, parents of singles, and anyone who has an influence over the life of a single person.

The problems in troubled marriages today often start long before couples exchange their I do’s. This is because our society is doing more to prepare our singles for a mediocre or a troubled marriage than a God-filled marriage.

In this session, Dr. Force will help singles and parents alike to identify accepted norms about dating and relationships that are not only unbiblical, but also detrimental to a person having the marriage God would have them to enjoy.

*Saturday from 1-3 pm: 2 Sessions from 1-1:50 pm and 2-2:50 pm – How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting With One Another

Most couples have great motives, yet lousy methods when it comes to fighting for their marriage. In these sessions, Dr. Force will teach couples to use methods that are not only Biblical, but also far more effective.

During these sessions, Dr. Force teaches couples to utilize the Biblical weapons of unconditional love and kindness rather than the weapons of anger, harshness, sarcasm, and resentment. He will teach couples how to do this using what he calls a 2-step process.

Couples will learn:

The top mistake couples make in a fight

How to rebuild trust in a marriage

Our 2-step process to strengthening a marriage

How to fight for their marriage without fighting with one another

A Biblical and refreshing approach to solving marriage issues

The same content a couple would receive in the first 6-8 coaching sessions with Dr. Force

How to fast-forward the learning curve of marriage

How to deal with the effects of adultery

How to deal with despondent spouse

A simplified approach to dealing with marital issues

Here is a short video detailing our approach to solving marriage issues:



*Saturday Evening 7-9 pm: Private dinner and question and answer time with Dr. Force about marriage and relationships

*Sunday morning 9 am – Strengthening Family Relationships

In this session, Dr. Force will discuss the keys to enjoying healthy relationships in a home. This session will deal with marriage and parenting.

*Sunday morning 11 am – Straight Talk For Singles

Dr. Force will be dealing with single’s issues from a Biblical perspective.

Learn More About Our Marriage Resources
Check out our Marriage Book

- Learn about our proven, 2-step process
- Designed as a couples devotional
- Use in a group study
- A biblical and refreshing approach

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  1. Bill Burton says:

    What is the dress? Jeans and a nice shirt? Casual slacks and shirt? Or suit and tie?

  2. Veronica says:

    Is the Saturday session only for couples or are singles who would like to marry one day also able to attend?

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